Beetle Shield (mission)Edit

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A beetle shield

Thanks to your help, we have been able to research unique ways to use beetle shells. Bring us back 20 Sand Beetle shells, and in return we will craft you a brand new shield.

Objective: Return 20 Sand Beetle shells

Reward: 1 Beetle Shield

Castaway 1Edit

In Castaway 1, you are given a beetle shield as a reward for completing the quest which requires you to get 20 sand beetle shells. The beetle shield is not the best shield in Castaway 1, but it's better than having no shield. 

Castaway 2Edit

The beetle shield is the first shield that you craft. The quest associated with this item is called Soften The Blows and is given by the first quest Sigil you meet on your journey in Castaway 2: Isle of the Titans.

Beetle Shield
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Crude and a little morbid, but quite effective.
Weight 5
Premium? No
Craftable? Yes
Recipe 3x Shell
3x Hide
Strength 0
Defense 1
Agility 0
Magic 0
Buy? N/A
Sell? 60

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