Castaway 2 beggining

giving name

As you start out you first give your name and go to the first scene where you have been walking for ages an

controls of movement

d have forgotten everything. Then the controls of movement apear on the screen. The player has to move upwards to the top of the area. The player then finds out about the grass blocking the way so the player follows the only route possible to find a stick. After picking up the stick the player must then go to his/her inventory and equip it
Weapon controls

how to use weapon

. After clearing the way the player faces its first enemy, the sand beetle. After maybe defeating some of these foes and continuing on you will find your first pet, a loomi being bullied by 2 sand beetles.
Bullied loomi

your first pet

after you save it there will be instructions on how to work with your loomi. for further, more advanced instructions go to my advanced instructions that are coming soo
Pet instructions

pet instructions

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