Big Blue the Meanie is the 1st and the first boss in Castaway 2. He is the boss of Blue Beetles (even babies).

Big Blue the Meanie

Big Blue the Meanie

First, let's take a look at Big Blue the Meanie's stats:

Level: 7

Type: Blue Beetle

Location: Just south of the Gate of Crius, to get the way, see here

Uses of Big Blue the MeanieEdit

Big Blue the Meanie is the first boss in Castaway 2, so it is very easy to attack him. He has no ranged attack, or any skills, but only his bite attack. He is not tough and not defensive, and also he has low health. 

When damaged, Big Blue the Meanie spawns Baby Blue Beetles (Level 1, stats below), as well Baby Blue Beetles are like mini-beetles, so it is easy to attack since it is on the beginner level.

Hit Points (HP):
Note: It is very easy to attack, you may spam attacks to them, but they act slowly, and also bite attack that can cause few damage (more damage would be taken when you are starting to the game).

Beetle BullyEdit

Big Blue the Meanie is the first boss which you will come across in Castaway 2. He has no elemental abilities, so it should not be that hard to defeat him. Once you defeat him, you will travel north towards the place known as Astraea's Bastion. Here is the exact wording of the mission for Big Blue the Meanie:

The Quest "Beat the Bully!" is related to this boss, here is the preview of the quest:

Show Big Blue a thing or two about picking on things his own size.

Quest Requirements: Kill one Big Blue the Meanie

Quest Rewards: 5 Ninja Stars, 1 Small Health Potion, 50 EXP


Big Blue the Meanie belongs to a Beetle family. His older sister, Petunia the Angry, she is on different place, while Big Blue the Meanie is on the another place, which they cannot see to them. Vicious McGrub is also belong to Beetle family. 3 of them are full of bad moods. They are also making bad things to others (when their traits are bad, like a evil).

Big Blue the Meanie's name says that Big Blue, which means he is really Big Blue (Beetle), Meanie means that Big Blue is very mean, which he is mean. With Petunia the Angry, she is very angry, but with Vicious McGrub, he is very bad to all of Beetle bosses (which means he is baddest, and also in a bad mood). To 3 of them, they are act as in bad mood (based on their name).

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