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Vulcan, the last boss

There are 15 bosses in Castaway 2, they are:

Big Blue the Meanie, Sister PedroPeeping Tom, Petunia the AngryGreedy ReynardPuff No More, Mother Sobo, Mr. Tank, Grandma Simbi, GarmEagle EyeVicious McGrubFafnir, Cyclops, and Vulcan (new).

  • Bosses spawn minions of the type they are. For example, Big Blue, who is a beetle, spawns Baby Blue Beetles. Sister Pedro spawns Baby Field Snakes, and Petunia the Angry spawns Baby Poison Bugs, etc.
  • The final boss is Vulcan. It spawns Firestarters. Vulcan is lvl 50. It wont take damage if you attack it from the front and dodges magic attacks regardless. If you kill him you get the Blood of Gaea (you use that to open the Gate of Gaea) As you enter the door, you find Aestraea and the game endings. See also Final Boss.