This is the map for the fifth of six parts of Castaway 1. The map may look a bit different from the others because of the arrows and the alignment of the boxes. In any case,  a map is a map.

Glacier ridge map

Map or weird tetris piece?

In this map, each box represents a room. The arrows represent the doorways. S = the starting room and G = the room with the generator in it.

I should note that:

  • Room S contains a lot of vipers
  • Room 1 contains four frost scorpions
  • Room 2 contains vipers and frost scorpions
  • Room 3 has some more frost scorpions
  • Room 4 contains ice elementals
  • Room G contains two frost scorpions, some ice elementals, and a skeleton (you do not have to fight the skeleton)

Glacier ridge is a dangerous place (as is most of castaway). One must be prepared to journey through this maze.

Mathwiz100 (talk) 14:57, April 26, 2014 (UTC)

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