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Quests are a main element of Castaway 2. They help guiding you through the game and are a source for experience, money and items.

Quests are offered by Sigils, sentient statues you will find in every rest stop. Each quest is only provided by the Sigil in one specific location. Interacting with a Sigil will show you a list with the available quests, there you can view the details of each quest and decide if you want to accept it or not. After completing a quest you need to consult any sigil to verify it in order to get the reward.

All quests are static, they don't change in any way during the game and between games. Some quests require to complete another quest first to be unlocked and available in the list. Unlocked quest can be accepted at any given time, they don't disappear without being completed. Each quest can only be accepted and completed once.

The quests can be grouped in three different categories: main quests, crafting quests and hunting quests. You can find a list ordered by the locations you get each quest from on Sigil.

Main Quests Edit

The main quest line is what drives the story in Castaway 2. Only the first two quests are crafting quests, the rest are for killing the bosses. The previous quest usually has to be completed and registered by a Sigil, to unlock the next one. Bosses won't appear unless you have accepted the quest for them.

Moste of the time it's required to complete a main quest to get access to another part of the map, that was previously locked behind some kind of gate. If you are stuck in the game, there's a good chance you missed a main quest. You are intended to have an active or completed main quest in your list at any given time, except for the very beginning, before encountering the first Sigil and after beating Vulcan, of course.

Completing main quests is rewarded with Exp and usually several items.

Quest Name Objective Rewards
Exp Items
Make It Sharp Craft a Shank 25 1 Small Health Potion, 1 Small Berry Potion
Softens The Blows Craft a Beetle Shield 25 1 Small Mana Potion
Beat The Bully Kill Big Blue the Meanie 50 5 Ninja Stars, 1 Small Health Potion
Down With Slithering! Kill Sister Pedro 100 1 Iron Ingot, 2 Small Berry Potions
I See You Kill Peeping Tom 100 1 Leather, 1 Medium Health Potion
Anger Just Leads to More Violence… Kill Petunia the Angry 250 3 Emerald Shards, the Village Gate Key
No More Sand for Reynard Kill Greedy Reynard 350 2 Ruby Shards, 2 Medium Berry Potions
In a Land Called Honalee Kill Puff No More 200 3 Sapphire Shards, 5 Small Mana Potions
Beware the Thunder Kill Mother Sobo 300 3 Iron Ingots, 3 Medium Mana Potions
Happy Swamp Wallowing Kill Mr. Tank 375 2 Sapphires, the Central Gate Key
She's As Cold As Ice Kill Grandma Simbi 400 2 Emeralds, the West Gate Key
Slush Puppy Love (And Hate) Kill Garm 400 2 Rubys, 1 Large Mana Potion
An Eye for an Eye Kill Eagle Eye 400 1 Iron Globe, 3 Large Health Potions
Six Legged Showdown Kill Vicious McGrub 500 1 Emerald Globe, the East Gate Key
Volatile Fury Kill Fafnir 500 3 Gold Ores, 1 Medium Mana Potion, 2 Medium Health Potions
Beware of that Blind Spot Kill Cyclops 600 1 Emerald Globe, 2 Large Health Potions, 2 Large Berry Potions
Home Stretch! Kill Vulcan - -

Crafting Edit

One type of side quest in Castaway 2 is for crafting. There's a quest for most things you can craft in the game. Completing them isn't required to progress in the game, though the stuff you create can be useful. You are also rewarded with a small amount of Exp for each quest. The first two crafting quests are part of the main quest line and not listed here.

Forge of the Nymphs (location)

The Forge of the Nymphs

Note that some items can only be crafted at a specific forge. If this is the case, the required forge will be listed in the table.

Crafting quests will only count as completed when you craft the required item after accepting the quest. Be aware of that especially when crafting requires a unique item or another item, that was created with an unique item. The game is supposed to register these when you completed them before accepting the quest, but that doesn't always work.

Quest Name Objective Rewards required Forge
Exp Items
Iron Makes Us Stronger Craft an Iron Ingot 75 1 Alkahest
Make it a Smart Drink Craft a Small Mana Potion 40 -
Make it a Tasty Potion Craft a Small Health Potion 40 -
Sorcerer's Apprentice Craft an Apprentice‘s Wand 50 -
Polish that Edge Craft a Trusty Dagger 75 -
Reinforce This Baby Craft a Round Shield 75 -
The Art of Throwing Pointy Things Craft 10 Ninja Stars 100 -
Azure Throw Craft 6 Sapphire Darts 125 -
Crimson Toss Craft 6 Ruby Darts 125 -
Emerald Swing Craft 6 Emerald Darts 125 -
Forge of Nymphs Craft a Warrior's Shield 80 - Forge of Nymphs
Those Crafty Sprites Craft an Imp Branch 125 -
Brains Over Brawn Craft a Scholar 150 - Mnemosyne's Forge
Crimson Stabber Craft an Assassin Dagger 150 -
Double it Please Craft a Medium Health Potion 100 -
Double the IQ Craft a Medium Mana Potion 100 -
Going Out Swinging Craft a Nail Bat 150 -
Titanization Craft a Titan Scimitar 300 -
Remember Those Magi Craft a Staff of the Magi 350 - Phoebe's Forge
Brain Nitro Craft a Large Mana Potion 150 -
I would like that Super Sized Craft a Large Health Potion 150 -
One for All, All for One Craft a Dartanian 300 -
Sharp Objects and Voodoo Craft a Cursed Kris 400 - Theia's Forge
Widowfication Craft a Widow's Claw 350 -
Justified Vindication Craft a Vindicator Club 325 -
Throwing Money Hurts Craft 10 Gold Ninja Stars 300 -
Holy Smite Craft a Paladin Mace 400 - Forge of Tethys
Needs More Iron Craft a Blast Shield 250 -
Good Morning Citizens Craft a Morning Star 600 - Rhea's Forge
In (Beetle) God We Trust Craft a Beetle God Shield 500 - Forgotten Forge
Pinnacle Voodoo Craft a Deadwood 400 - Forge of Themis
Ultimatum Craft a Razor Sword 600 -

Hunting Edit

The second type of side quest are hunting quests. They require you to kill a specific amount of one type of monster and reward you with a small amount of money. Every type of monster has one quest related to them, except for Baby Blue Beetles with two different quests and DracoLiches with none. Some hunting quests require another one to be completed to unlock them, most are independent though.

Quest Name Objective Reward (money)
It Has Begun… Kill 5 Baby Blue Beetles 25
The Baby Blues Kill 25 Baby Blue Beetles 80
Trim Their Numbers Kill 15 Field Snake Babys 125
Blue Is My Favorite Color Kill 25 Blue Beetles 125
Hides Galore Kill 20 Field Snakes 175
Tear Jerker Kill 15 Baby Eye Guys 100
Puppy Love Kill 15 Loomi Babys 175
Dances With Loomis Kill 35 Loomis 150
Something In My Eye Kill 25 Eye Guys 200
A Little Toxic Kill 25 Baby Poison Bugs 150
Baby Thunder Kill 20 Baby Thunder Vipers 150
Poison Control Kill 25 Poison Bugs 300
Bring Down the Lightning Kill 30 Thunder Snakes 300
No Baby Gila Kill 25 Gila Monster Babys 250
Look At Me Kill 25 Baby Witnesses 300
Plenty of Pixie Dust Kill 25 Skull Pixies 250
Gila Killah Kill 40 Gila Monsters 400
Leave No Witnesses… Kill 30 Witnesses 350
That's Cold Kill 30 Baby Glacier Anacondas 300
Evil Puppy Cull Kill 25 Hell Hound Babys 350
You're As Cold As Ice Kill 50 Glacier Anacondas 450
A Cold Day in Hell Kill 40 Hell Hounds 450
Say No To Necromancy Kill 40 Revanents 500
Collecting Sparks Kill 25 Fire Starter Babys 400
Spicy Entrees Kill 25 Baby Lava Scarabs 400
Voyeurism 101 Kill 40 Baby Argus Eyes 400
Flame War Kill 30 Lava Scarabs 450
I've Seen Things Kill 40 Argus Eyes 500
Hot Retribution Kill 40 Fire Starters 600
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