Navigating in Castaway 2 can be tricky, since only your current position is displayed on the map. No information is given in-game about where other areas are, how they connect or where to find specific items. There are two widely used, user-created maps to help with that. The page they originally were posted to[1] unfortunately doesn't exist anymore.

Castaway 2 Cheat Map

The first map is based on the in-game map. It shows all areas, how they are connected and gates that aren't included in the in-game map, like the Village Gate. Additional infos for each area like bosses, items and rest stops are also listed. It furthermore includes lists for all forging quests and details for the forges.


This map takes a different approach with showing the detailed profile of each area. It also shows which entrances/exits connect to each other. Areas with bosses, items, sigil and forges are labeled with details and color-coded.

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