Cyclops is the 14th boss in Castaway 2. He is the boss of Argus Eyes (even babies).

Level: 45
Type: Argus Eye
Location: At the right of Angel Tear's place, at the left of one of Saint Talisman, it has 2 ways, one way can be unlocked when killed the current boss, to get the way, see here
Spawns when damaged (taken the HP of the boss by you): Baby Argus Eye (Level 20)

Uses of CyclopsEdit

Cyclops acts like Eagle Eye, but differ in spawning. Cyclops has no ranged attack when you go near, but if you pass the movement of Cyclops, you can take a few HP to that.

When damaged, Cyclops spawn Baby Argus Eyes (level 20, stats below).

Baby Argus Eye
Level: 20
Hit Points (HP): 230
Strength: 51
Agility: 11
Defense: 23
Magic: 0

Use skills like Thunder Dome and Miasma to take away those Baby Argus Eyes.

How to Kill CyclopsEdit

Cyclops is easier to kill but he could spawn. To take away those Baby Argus Eyes, you need to follow the skills below, and you can know what strategy could help you to kill Cyclops.

Skills Required / How to Kill Cyclops EasilyEdit

Your skills can be Thunder Dome, Miasma, Fire Sprite, Fire Wall, Ice Wall, Sanctuary, Death Bog, and also you've find it hard, use Spin skill. (Fire Wall, Ice Wall, and Sanctuary may or may not use that skill. If you're low on MP, use the required skills listed there.)

How to Kill Cyclops Easily: If you want to attack him, immediately attack him. Use Death Bog at his place to slow down and poison. If you want to use spin, use Spin. And you will see that he's going to spawn Baby Argus Eyes. If you see it, use Thunder Dome and Miasma to take away immediately, helping you to kill them faster. Do it again until he dies. You can use Panacea Potion for better.

Requirements from Killing Cyclops EasilyEdit

Note: Paladin Mace - combine Angel's Tear and Peace Baton to get Paladin Mace. To get Morning Star, combine Paladin Mace and Vindicator. Angel's Tear can be found at the right of Cyclops's room.

Rewards for Killing CyclopsEdit

After killing Cyclops, he will drop Iron Globe, and the quest "Beware of that Blind Spot " will give Sigil 1 Emerald Globe, 2 Large Health Potions, and 2 Large Berry Potions, with 600 EXP to both you and your pet.

Quest PreviewEdit

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