Eagle Eye is the 11th boss in Castaway 2. He is the Boss of the Witness (even babies).

Eagle Eye
Level: 36
Type: Witness
Location: At the left of Rhea's Forge , the room has 3 ways but 1 way can be unlocked when killed. To get the way, see here
Spawns when damaged (taken the HP of the boss by you): Baby Witness (Level 16)

Basic InformationEdit

Boss of the Witnesses. Usual mode of attack is swooping down and attacking. Can deal high damage quickly without proper armour and weapons.  

Will spawn Baby Witnesses upon attack.  

How to Kill Eagle EyeEdit

Eagle Eye is easy to defeat, even though he is one of the higher level bosses.  

Suggestions To Kill Eagle Eye Edit

Here is the requirements that you need to follow for killing Eagle Eye easily - for without dying. Here is it:

  • Your level must be level 20 or above.
  • Any pet should be set to aggressive mode.
  • Recommended Defence: Blast Shield, armour can be a variety from the Paladin, Saint, Golem and Minotaur types
  • Recommended Weapons: Vindicator (for stunning, slow rate for stamina. Nail Bat is fine, but Vindicator is much more efficient), Widow's Claw (for healing), Dartanian (higher chance for critical damage), Titan Scimitar (for mana draining). Anything with magical properties (i.e. Cursed Kris, Staff of the Magi, or Razor Sword)
  • Use different skills. Eagle Eye can be easily defeated if you stun him first. You can do this either by using the Vindicator, or using skills such as Thrust, Lightning Strike, Shield Bash and Spin. Poison is effective as well, so you can use skills such as Venom Spit, Death Bog and Miasma.

After Killing Eagle EyeEdit

After killing Eagle Eye, he would drop Emerald Globe, and the redeeming the quest "An Eye for an Eye" at a Sigil gives you 1 Iron Globe and 3 Large Mana Potions  

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