Eye Guys are the adult version of the Baby Eye Guy. They can be found in the Grasslands and Pan's Forest. More details on where they appear can be found on Locations of Castaway 2 Monsters, including a map.

All representatives of the Eye Guy Species share a specific attack pattern. As long as no enemy is close, they stay in place instead of moving around, hoovering above the ground. Once you get near them, they dive down in a curve, dealing damage when they hit something in their way. They can only attack in straight lines, either horizontally or vertically. The attack ends when they complete the curve after several tiles or hit an obstacle and their next attack will start from this point.

A good strategy to fight them, is to get close enough for them to attack, but to take care to not get in their path. Now you can attack them every time they pass by without getting hit yourself. Be careful though when they hit an obstacle and the lines of their attacks shift. The direction of the attack can also be somewhat unpredictable, especially if you have your pet assist you.

Eye Guys move at average speed and have no special abilities.

Related Quests Edit

Something In My Eye

Pet Edit

Eye Guys take 36 minutes to hatch.

Level HP
9 130 25 13 10 0 1822
10 140 26 14 11 0 2240
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