Fafnir is the 13th boss in Castaway 2. He is the boss of Revanents (or you can say.... Skulls.).

Revanents or Skulls
At the top of the Gate of Cronus, at the left of one of Sigils and Teleports (it takes to the way of Angel's Tear). It has 2 roads, 1 way can be unlocked when killed the boss. To get the way, see here.
Spawns when damaged (taken the HP of the boss by you):
None, just for multiple ways for attacking you.
Note: He is fastest of all bosses in Castaway 2, and even he's faster than Greedy Reynard and Garm.

Uses of FafnirEdit

Fafnir spawns baby skulls.  

Fafnir uses Death Bog, ranged attack (Fireball, fire sprite), and Fire Wall after he blinks (for his body). If he cannot blinks, he cannot act like Eye Guys, but a attack from his strength power, called "Bite".

Use skills like Spin, Fire Wall, Ice Wall, and many more that he could not use his 3 skills after blinking.

It is good for your pet - Glacier Anaconda, if uses ranged attack and he cannot affect to the attacks of Fafnir.

Note: He is faster than Garm and Greedy Reynard, and his movement speed is fastest of all bosses in Castaway 2.

How to Kill FafnirEdit

Fafnir is fastest to all bosses in Castaway 2. And he has 3 Skills: Death Bog, Fire Wall and Fireball. To avoid to use 1 of his skills, freeze or stun him quickly, then kill him.

Skills Required / How to Kill Fafnir EasilyEdit

You have a skills that are listed: Spin, Fire Wall, Ice Wall (nearly behind the Fire Wall to avoid passing you, but he can take a lot of HP from the Fire Wall), Sanctuary (your pet may have a chance to take a lot of damage to Fafnir, so your pet is inside of the pink area, he could not take a lot, but a 50% off of Fafnir's damage), Fire Sprite (If Fafnir is nearly to you, to be attacked, if one of Fire Sprite touches Fafnir (the Fire Sprite located from you), and he could take a lot of damage for it.), and also for stunning - Lightning Strike (only if targets Fafnir).

How to Kill Fafnir Easily: If Fafnir uses one of the three skills, do not touch them or you can have 10% damage taken from Fafnir. If Death Bog, avoid go in there, better if Fafnir is in outside of the area, if Fire Wall, go to the another side without Fire Wall, or you can take 5%-10% of your damage. To avoid using many skills for Fafnir, kill him until he dies, and use skills that are listed, or use Lightning Strike to stun. Best if your pet is Glacier Anaconda, Fafnir would freeze if he touches the Ice Shard.

Requirements for Killing Fafnir EasilyEdit

Note: Combinations is on Grandma Simbi's page, except for Razor Sword, look it from Eagle Eye's page.

Rewards from Killing FafnirEdit

After killing Fafnir, he would drop Iron Globe, and the quest "Volatile Fury" gives Sigil 3 Gold Ores, 1 Large Mana Potion and 2 Large Health Potions with 500 EXP for both you and your pet.

Quest PreviewEdit

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