==Gaea Seed is an item in Castaway 2: Isle of the Titans.

Gaea Seed
Gaea Seed
A rare seed infused with high levels of mana.
Type Materials
Weight 1
Premium? No
Craftable? No
Usable? No
Buy? Yes
Buy Yes
Sell? 1

Monster Drop/Store PurchaseEdit

You can find it in Area 3 on Map 2, on a totem pole. It is next to the right entrance covered by trees.

or you can head right from the Gate of crius safe zone, will be on a pedestal/plate.

Recipes that use Gaea SeedEdit

1x Apprentice Wand + 1x Gaea Seed = Imp Branch


The Gaea Seed is an item needed to craft the Imp Branch. It is one of those items you can only get once.

This item cannot be replaced if sold used to craft an imp branch at the forge of nymphs IMPORTANT it can only be crafted once so dont sell/dispose it

Imp Branche Apprentice Wand Gaea Seed
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