Golem Chest Armor
 "Infused with the strength and anger of ancient stone warriors."
Weight: 6
Usable? Yes
Effect: To protect from the attacks of enemies and bosses, takes a few damage to them than normal.
Strength (STR): 0
Agility (AGI): 0
Defense (DEF): 7
Magic (MAG): 0
Buy Amount: No
Sell Amount: 200 G
Premium? No
This item is a Disposable Item. So please be careful when using.

Recipes to get the item / Using this item for combining a new itemEdit

To get this one, you can get this by combining, the recipes are here: Leather Chest Armor + Golem Talisman = Golem Chest Armor. You may buy the leather armor at Astraea's Bastion. There is a store with full of armory / shield(s) / weapons, that can be called as the Weapon Store.

To use this item to get another item, the recipes are follows:

Minotaur Talisman + Golem Chest Armor = Minatour Chest Armor

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