The healing herb is exactly what it sounds like. It is a herb that heals. Healing herbs can be found in both Castaway 1 and Castaway 2. In Castaway 1, healing herbs cost 20 gold. Healing herbs give you 20 heart points. They cannot be found in Castaway 1.

Healing Herb
Healing Herb
A tasty herb that has mild healing properties.
Type herbs
Weight 1
Premium? No
Craftable? Yes
Recipe Brak
Usable? Yes
Effect Recover 5 HP
Buy? No
Sell? 5 coins

Monster Drop/Store PurchaseEdit

Drop from Baby Blue Beetle, Blue Beetle, Baby Poison Beetle, Poison Beetle

Recipes that use Healing HerbEdit

  • 3 Healing Herbs + 1 Empty Bottle = 1 Small Health Potion
  • 6 Healing Herbs + 1 Empty Bottle = 1 Medium Health Potion
  • 9 Healing Herbs + 1 Empty Bottle = 1 Large Health Potion


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