Leather Leggings
Castaway2-LeatherLeggings"Simple, but effective protection."
Weight: 3
Usable? Yes
Effect: To protect from the attacks of enemies and bosses, takes a few damage to them than normal.
Strength (STR): 0
Agility (AGI): 0
Defense (DEF): 1
Magic (MAG): 0
Buy Amount: 80 G
Sell Amount: 40 G
Premium? No
This item is a Disposable Item. So please be careful when using.

Obtaining The ItemEdit

The only way to obtain this item is by buyins it at the Weapons shop in Astraea's Bastion. See above for price.

Used In RecipesEdit

Leather Leggings + Golem Talisman = Golem Leggings

Leather Leggings + Plate = Plate Leggings

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