Mother Sobo is the 7th boss in Castaway 2. She is the boss of Thunder Snakes (including babies).

Mother Sobo
She is located between two Talismans (left of Paladin, right of Golem), and the bottom of Gate of Iapetus (defeat Puff No More to get the Blood of Iapetus in order to open). To get the way, see here
Spawns when damaged (taken the HP of the boss by you):
Note: She is the boss of Thunder Snakes. So be careful of her stunning lightning attacks.

Mother Sobo InfoEdit

Mother Sobo can spawn Baby Thunder Vipers (seen below) when attacked. Her lightning attacks are powerful, but she can only hit you if she's on your screen.

Hit Points (HP):

Use skills like Thunder Dome and Miasma to kill the babies that spawn.

How to Kill Mother SoboEdit

Tips for killing Mother Sobo Edit


The most useful are: Thunder Dome (deals lots of damage and has a chance to stun), Miasma and Fire Sprites (if her babies get too close).


Any strong pet will do for Mother Sobo (preferably one that shoots projectiles, like a Thunder Snake).


Mother Sobo takes a fair bit of damage from Thunder Dome, making it an ideal skill to use against her. Miasma and Fire Wall also damage her when she goes through their areas of effect. Take healing potions with you, as she'll be spamming you with stunning lightning attacks, mana potions, if you rely heavily on magic spells, as well as berry potions for your pet - a dead pet isn't useful.

  • You should be around her level or above, for more defense, strength, agility and magic. Agility is important here for regenerating your health, mana and your evasion (ability to avoid attacks). Defense and attack (health, armour rating and damage) are the most important attributes for a melee character - so make sure that you've invested points into those stats. Magic and defence (spell damage, health and armour rating) are the most important attributes for a mage character - once again, make sure you've invested many points into those stats.
  • Your pet should be a projectile pet, like a Thunder Snake.
  • Your shield should be the Blast Shield, your armor should be the Golem armour set or better.
  • Your sword should be the Vindicator (good for stunning, but has a slow stamina regen rate), Dartanian (for a higher critical damage chance), Titan Scimitar (drains Mana, good for mages), Widow's Claw (drains the enemy's health and heals you), or try the Cursed Kris or the Staff of the Magi.

Rewards for killing Mother SoboEdit

After killing Mother Sobo, she drops an Iron Ingot, and the quest "Beware the Thunder" will be complete. Turning this quest into a Sigil get you 3 Iron Ingots, 3 Medium Mana Potions and 300 EXP. 

Quest PreviewEdit

Beware the Thunder

Mother Sobo is NOT pleased and you need passage through her swampy domain. Not a good situation.

Kill 1 Mother Sobo (1/1)

3x Iron Ingots

3x Medium Mana Potions

300 EXP 

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