Peeping Tom, the 3rd boss in Castaway 2

Eye Guy

An Eye Guy

Peeping Tom is the 3rd boss in Castaway 2. He is the boss of all of the Eye Guys. (Including the babies.)

How To findEdit

After beating Sister Pedro, you come to a rest stop (the rest stop can be referred as a "mini village". A smaller version of Astraea's Bastion" has Baby Eye Guys, and multiple ways to go). You have to go to the doorway (or entrance as you may call it) on the left.


Peeping Tom is a giant level 12 Eye Guy who wears a monocle. He's able to summon Baby Eye Guys.

Peeping Tom's AttacksEdit

Peeping Tom acts like Eye Guys, the difference being that he has no ranged attack. but if you get close enough to him, he cannot attack you, and he pauses at his place. Eye Guys are not doing it, when the boss can do it, since he is a boss for the Eye Guys.

When you start to attack him, he will act like Eye Guys (he would dive into you or the pet, when one or both are targeting him), and receive a large amount of damage (except when you wear a full set of strong armor, and a shield). He can also stun you. So be careful, the 3 Eye Guy bosses acts the same as their type (Peeping Tom - Eye Guys, Eagle Eye - Witnesses, Cyclops - Argus Eyes), and their action is same to all 3 Eye Guy bosses.

How To Beat HimEdit

Set your pet to aggresive. This way, he/she (depends on the name) will attack any Baby Eye Guys Peeping Tom spawns. Shield Bash him, and spam Lightning Strike and Trap. Have a stunning weapon at hand.

Rewards For Killing Peeping TomEdit

When killed, Peeping Tom will drop the Castaway Feather, which means you've been completed the mission.

Related QuestEdit

I See You! Defeat Peeping Tom, the boss of Eye Guys. Rewards: 1 Leather, and 1 Medium Health Potion


Peeping Tom's name comes from the phrase "Peeping Tom". A peeping tom is a person who looks at or sees something they shouldn't. The phrase originates from the myth of Lady Godiva. In the legend, Lady Godiva begs her husband to lower the taxes that plague her townsfolk. He then tells her that he will do it if she rides naked through the street. She accepts, and on that ride, all the villagers avoid looking at her out of respect, except for a man named Tom.

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