Pixie dragon

A pixie dragon

Puff No More

First, some stats:

Level: 18

Type: Pixie dragon

Location: In the southeastern area of the map (check map )

Pesky HealersEdit

Puff no more is the 6th boss in Castaway 2: Isle of the Titans. He is the boss of the pixie dragons. Pixie dragons are interesting creatures. They cannot harm you, but they can heal other creatures. They will flee if you try to attack them. Pixie dragons can be seen in many parts of Castaway 2.

In a land called HonaleeEdit

Defeating Puff No More is not easy. I once entered his boss room at level 18 and exited at level 22. Yes, it took me that long to defeat him. The key to defeating Puff No More is to keep the Pixie Dragons away from him. Other than that, defeating him will be similar to defeating Peeping Tom. I should point out that Puff No More has been known to poison before.

Once you defeat Puff No More, you will get the blood of Iapetus. You will also be able to go into the room north of Puff No More's boss room and get the Seal of the Magi. After you defeat Puff No More, it will be off to fight Mother Sobo!

I killed this boss by setting lightning dome on him/her once! So easy...

(P.S. - the name "Puff No More" comes from a song called "Puff the Magic Dragon".)

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