Sapphire Shard
Sapphire Shard
Only a bluish part of a whole Sapphire.
Type Unknown edit
Weight 4
Premium? No
Craftable? No
Usable? Yes
Effect Unknown edit
Buy? Unknown edit
Sell? Unknown edit

Monster Drop/Store PurchaseEdit


Recipes that use Sapphire ShardEdit

Alkahest+Sapphire Shard=Sapphire Darts 3 sapphire shard + 3 sapphire shard + sapphire


Fuck you


Sapphire Shard can be found naturally in the game from blue rocks.

The first Sapphire Shard you get comes from a randomly found blue rock, or from Sister Pedro.


  • 3x Sapphire Shard + 3x Sapphire Shard = 1x Sapphire
  • 1x Sapphire Shard + 1x Stick = 1x Apprentice Wand
  • 1x Sapphire Shard + 1x Alkahest = 6x Sapphire Dart
  • 3x Sapphire + 1 Alkahest = Saphire Globe
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