The 'Seal of Magi' can be used to craft the Staff of the Magi. It is found in the room directly above the boss Puff No More's room.

Seal of the Magi
Seal of the Magi
This item makes folks know you're important... among mages at least.
Type Materials
Weight 1
Premium? No
Craftable? No
Usable? No
Buy? This item is not sold by any NPCS.
Sell? No

Monster Drop/Store PurchaseEdit

The item is not dropped from any regular monsters, but is acquired after defeating Puff No More.

Recipes that use Seal of the MagiEdit

Staff of the Magi, a weapon only created ONCE by using Phoebe's Forge and combining the 'Seal of Magi' with a 'Wizard Rod'.


To find the Seal of Magi, you must defeat the boss, Puff No More, and using the item he drops (the 'Blood of Iapetus'), open the gate above, which unlocks the area with the item.

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