In Castaway 1, shards are needed to perform magical spells. All types of shards are worth 3 gold. There are four different types of shards:

  1. Fire shards. Fire shards are used to perform the spell flame . 25 of them are also needed for the mission which rewards you with a fire scimitar.
  2. Lightning shards. Lightning shards are needed for the spell shock. They are (arguably) the most powerful type of shard.
  3. Shadow shards. Shadow shards cannot be used to attack, but they do make you invisible for a short period of time.
  4. Ice shards. Ice shards are used for the spell freeze. 25 of them are needed for the mission which rewards you with an ice blade.
Shards can be very useful, but you should use them wisely. 

Ice Blade


Fire Scimitar

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