Sister Pedro is the 2nd boss in Castaway 2. She is the boss of Field Snakes (even babies).

Sister Pedro

Sister Pedro

Let's begin with her stats:

Level: 10

Type: Field Snake

Location: Just west of the first rest stop (mini village, the short version of Astraea's Bastion)

Uses of Sister PedroEdit

Sister Pedro is the boss of Field Snakes, as well she is a normal snake. It is different from the 2 species of Snakes (Thunder Snake and Glacier Anaconda). Most of all, Sister Pedro would poison you as well. It is very hard to catch her to take damage. To stop poisoning, bring Antidotes for a tip. And now, use skills to take Sister Pedro's HP.

Sister Pedro is faster in movement speed than Big Blue the Meanie, so it is great time to chase you for some reason (like the Loomi bosses). If you are good at defense, much better so Sister Pedro would not kill you when she would poison you (at the HP of 0).

And also, Sister Pedro spawns Baby Field Snakes (Level 2) when damaged, for the most bosses would spawn is the reason to that.


Sister Pedro is the second boss in Castaway 2. Since she is snake, she can poison you (mostly snakes have venom that it contain poison). Sister Pedro is also quick and will not go down without a fight. If you can defeat her, then you will travel north to take on Peeping Tom.

Here are the exact words from her mission, Down With Slithering:

The field snakes have been aggressively blocking the path to the forge. Show their boss who's boss.

Kill 1 Sister Pedro
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Take this, sand snake!

Reward(s): 1 iron ingot, 2 small berry potions, 100 EXP


Sister Pedro belongs to a Snake family. Together with 2 Snake Bosses, Mother Sobo and Grandma Simbi, they are the elders in their family. Sister Pedro is the youngest to them, Mother Sobo is older to Sister Pedro, and also the oldest to the family, Grandma Simbi. They could want to attack you as they turn as a boss.

Sister Pedro's name meanings are in the multiple ways. Sister, means he is teenager girl, as well she is the Sister who wants to take care of a child, Pedro, means a girl name that can be common name to the girls. It is same from 2 other Snake bosses who belongs to a Snake family and they are the elders from the family growing strong enough from them.

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