The EquationEdit

Being the Mathwiz, it is not surprising that I decided to do some math. My results were interesting (at least, I thought so). I will now share some of these results with you.

Heart Points (Castaway 1)Edit

This equation is probably the easiest one. It is th equation whch tells you how many heart points your character will have at a certain level. The equation is 30L + 20 = HP (with L = level and HP = heart points). As proof, here are the statistics of the hero's heart points:

  • Level 1: 50 HP
  • Level 2: 80 HP
  • Level 3: 110 HP
  • Level 4: 140 HP
  • Level 5: 170HP

As you can see, the pattern continues to go on...

EXP (Castaway 1)Edit

These next two equations were not as easy to figure out. I took a look at the amount of XP given by a creature after its defeat. I also took a look at the amount of XP that I needed to level up for each level. These were my results:

Creature XP Hero's XP
Level 1 4 25
Level 2 7 100
Level 3 12 225
Level 4 19 400
Level 5 28 625
Level 6 39 900
Level 7 52 1225
Level 8 67 1600
Level 9 84 2025
Level 10 103 2500

It took me a few moments, but I eventually figured it out: 

  • To find the XP given by a creature after its defeat, use this formula: L squared + 3
  • To find the XP needed to go up a level, use this formula: 5L squared

Castaway 2 EXPEdit

This is how you would figure out how much XP you get for defeating a certain creature. Just multiply the level of the creature by 7. That would mean that a firestarter gives 182 XP after you defeat it.

Castaway 2 EXP (Hero)Edit

This equation is arguably the most complicated one of the bunch. Here are my results for the hero's stats:

Level 1 62 XP needed
Level 2 128 XP needed
Level 3 238 XP needed
Level 4 392 XP needed
Level 5 590 XP needed

Do you see the equation? Neither did I. After looking at it for some time, it came to me. The equation is 22(L squared) + 40. This means that if I were a level 10, then I would need 2240 XP to level up.

Eggs (Castaway 1)Edit

To find the level of a pet when it hatches from its egg, take the lowest even number of the creature and divide by two. For example, if I had the egg of a scorpion (whose levels run from 6 - 8), that pet would start out at level 3.

Egg TimesEdit

In Castaway 2, you should only have to multiply the creature's level by 4 to get the time. I guess that I did not have to put this one in, but it is still an equation.

Time (Castaway 2)Edit

This one has to do with that clock on the bottom of your screen in Castaway 2. For every 30 seconds that go by in our time, 15 minutes go by in their time. If one second passes here, then 30 seconds pass there. If 48 minutes go by here, then 1 day goes by there. Get the point?

Mathwiz100 (talk) 02:30, April 23, 2014 (UTC)

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