"The Sand Generator" is the first big mission in Castaway 1. Why is it big? Read on to find out.

Scary ScorpionsEdit

In order to complete the mission, you must get to the sand generator. If you have seen my map , then you should know how to do this. The hardest part of getting to the generator is getting past the scorpion. Scorpions range from levels 6 - 8, so it is wise to make sure that you have leveld up enough before going. Also, you should make sure that you are healthy. Once you complete this mission, it will be off to the Grasslands!

Exact Words of the Mission:Edit

The generator is now ready to be activated. Head to the far reaches of Castaway Beach and activate the sand generator by stepping next to it. Complete this task, and we will open up the path for you to explore more of the island.

Objective: Activate the sand generator.

Reward: 100 EXP

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