Thunder Snakes are the adult version of the Baby Thunder Viper. They are very common on the Eastern Shore and in the Lost Valley. More details on where they appear can be found on Locations of Castaway 2 Monsters, including a map.

Thunder Snakes are quite aggressive. They use a lightning bolt as a ranged attack, which can strike in a quite large radius and always hits the target. Once you get in their range there is a good chance they will attack you. The lightning takes a few seconds to charge, the snake will flash white during this time. The bolt deals a quite high damage and has a chance to stun the target.

Thunder Snakes are dealt best with either avoiding them with a decent distance or rush at them. When you get close enough to them they will turn tail instead of targeting you, and you are save from their attacks. Once they charge for an attack, the only way to prevent the lightning bolt from striking is to kill them quickly.

Related Quests Edit

Bring Down the Lightning

Pet Edit

Thunder Snakes 56 minutes to hatch.

Level HP Exp
14 140 4352 17 14 15 39
15 140 4990 18 14 15 40
16 140 5672 19 14 16 41
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