Hi there! How you can think what I'm doing?

I'm going to edit and update - pets! I've been have most every type of monsters (15 types of monsters, including Pink Loomi, which he can't hatch an egg, your first pet activated in Castaway 2.) as a pet. But I have 13 of them (mostly of them are multiple, few are each only. My missing was Argus Eye and Firestarter (baby), Lava Scarab, Loomi (I think only that is missing his Adult, but I have a baby for that.). For surely, the rest of the monsters -> pets, I would edit it, instead of making a sentence, I would post their picture, and also Hatching Time.

So I know, that it was unfinished, or even stub page, then I could complete for 80% of it. the Cell (with 4 rows) is not complete, so I could have 15 columns and 4 rows for it. 

Did you know, there is a link -> Monster Egg? It is was here on the table (or I can say.... Cell...... or what?) for only babies, adults was in the link, but it goes -> same as the table in Pets section.

For only one problem (or I can say.... question? I would leave message from MathWiz100 for that?): If there is a signature from MathWiz100 (he is creating pets -> not finished. It was stub, then almost 1 year that it is was still a stub page. He created April 20, 2014 - then how I can do for it? If I could finish this one, anyone can still contribute, also for those who are have no Wikia account? For sure, I can do it, because I could still earn the badge (for contributing a lot of days in a row), then lead the leaderboard.), can I delete it? Mostly, there is a article page, then no signature coming who is editing that article (except from no Wikia account). 

If yes, then I would do it.

If no, I would leave his signature. 

For surely, I could answer - Yes. >.>

For my stats (April 17, 2015), there would be a stats for today:

My level is 33. My pet is really.... really.... VERY really Glacier Anaconda (it would be seriously to know...... ?!), he's level 31. I'm not being updated for this time, because I have been finishing editing Garm, (check it out!) and also I would edit for the next boss..... Eagle Eye! And I could actually edit about this title - pets, I was about to publish the Pets section, but I cannot know if I can remove the signature.

For now, I can leave now. Have Fun adventuring Castaway 2! It was a good day for gaming. 

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