Hi there! How you can know what I'm doing?

I was editing pets, but I'm finish the game immediately for whole day, but I would post the info of bosses, even the last 3 encountered boss, they're all dead.

Yesterday, I've been post the latest blog, Editing - Pets, and I was on Vicious McGrub, the current boss. For now, I've been encountered last 3 bosses in Castaway 2, which is Fafnir, Cyclops and Vulcan. Then also I've been attack Vicious McGrub, and also the last 3 bosses: Fafnir, Cyclops and Vulcan.


Fafnir, Level 42

Fafnir, Level 42, boss of Revanents (or you can say.... Skulls). Full information is here.

His picture is on the left


He is 13th boss in Castaway 2.


Cyclops, Level 45

Cyclops, Level 45, boss of Argus Eyes (even the baby version of Argus Eyes). Full information is here.

His picture is on the left


He is 14th boss in Castaway 2.


Vulcan, Level 50, the last boss in Castaway 2

Vulcan, Level 50, boss of Firestarters (even the baby version of Firestarters). Next day, I would edit his full information.

His picture is on the left


He is the 15th and last boss in Castaway 2.

My stats for today, April 18, 2015

I'm on level 39. My pet would be Glacier Anaconda (level 37), or even Firestarter (level 26). But I'm using Glacier Anaconda for the last boss, Firestarter for enjoyable, and fun after the last boss.

My sword can be Razor Sword, then Morning Star.

My shield is Beetle God Shield (combine Beetle God Essence and Blast Shield, you need to craft it at Forgotten Forge, near at Vulcan's room aka Gaea's Gate). Then my armor is Saint Helmet, Minotaur Chest Armor, Minotaur Sleeves, and Minotaur Leggings. I've stored my Minotaur Talisman but it is Saint Helmet, but I cannot find Golem Talisman anymore.

For after editing Vulcan, I would edit the "Pets" section, timing.

So I've busy for anything. Have fun adventuring Castaway 2!

Izanagi12-likes-Monster-Warlord (talk) 12:25, April 18, 2015 (UTC)

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