Hi! I have more days for Vacation, so I will be here for you (Castaway Wiki only) everyday, editing the stub pages. So if you have questions for I've been editing for that, comment at the Main Page of Castaway Wiki (2: Isle of the Titans only) and I will reply.

So, I ones finish the Castaway 2, but I forgot some of them. So here's my updates:

For today, Aprill 12, 2014, I just stay continue adventuring the Lost Valley after the boss of Mother Sobo. But I explore enemies who are in Lost Valley (Looks like muddy "in the map", but not muddy, but I will know it is dark there even morning.):

Baby Witness, Level 16 (Witness, normal-sized and higher stats, Level 20), Baby Gila Lizard, Level 12 (Gila Lizard, normal-sized and higher stats, Level 18), Poison Bug, Level 14, Thunder Snake, Level 14, and Skull Pixie, Level 15. Soon, I will post the picture of each of the monster (by number to know). Some I've been have their picture.

Now, I'm going to be Level 26 or plus to defeat Mr. Tank. He is the boss of Gila Lizards (baby and normal). He is level 26.

For my progress, I am on Level 22, my pet would be Baby Witness of level 19, it has only few EXP to get level 20. His Strength is 45, his Agility is 19, his Defense is 21, and his Magic is 0 (it is always 0 because he is very good at Strength.) Also, his HP is 210 (When Defense is 21, then should be 210 because if additional 1 Defense skill point, then it would have additional 10 maximum HP. And with good Defense.)

I will post here everyday the updates of my adventures of Castaway 2. Then, if I'm explore one of them, then I could edit that in Castaway Wiki (Castaway 2 only).

Izanagi12-likes-Monster-Warlord (talk) 13:48, April 12, 2015 (UTC) Izanagi12-likes-Monster-Warlord =)

Have fun in Castaway 2!

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