If you are looking for tips because you are at this point, hopefully you realized that Vulcan has an impenetrable mask on the front. Here is some Information about the final boss:

Quote: "The only thing that stands between you and freedom is a large, onery beast that wears a large, impenetrable mask on its front."  You must kill the Vulcan (Which is the roman name for Hespheastus, the greek god of fire, incidentally), who is a level 50 firestarter, making him the most powerful boss on the island. It can summon lightning, fireblasts, posion squares, level 47 firestarters that have 730 hp, and deal a lot of damage. You know when it uses magical attacks when it glows and flashes pure white light. He will also be accompanied by 25 skull pixies, which heal 40 of his hp or gives him a boost.

WARNING: If Vulcan strikes lightning at you, it may be enough to vaporize your head and you get an instant game over.

Sounds hard, doesn't it? Here was a good strategy:

  • Upgrade magic a lot (wasn't used here for damage but for amount of mana)
  • Decent defence and hit points (HP)
  • Upgrade agility a lot (to recover mana)
  • Collect gold ninja starts (to recover more mana)

Kill the skull pixies first, because it is hard to hurt him at all in general, front or back. Then, I used the lightning dome so that he would be stunned multiple times whilst I sneak around his back repeatedly throwing golden shurikans. Then, after the lightning ended, I summoned a lightning trap, so he would walk into is repeatedly and get stunned again. At that point, I did around 200 damage, which is pretty good. At that point, I just ran around like a wuss and waited until he got tired of chasing me and left me alone again. I would wait until my lightning attacks recharge, kill any skull pixies if they respawned, and repeat the whole process again. It took me about 3 tries, which should be the amount of time it does take, unless you dont notice the skull pixies and they heal him.

There are many,many other ways, but this is my magic way!

You can attack him at behind. For an easier way to kill it, go behind him and use spin attack or all attacks.Your best choice is all attacks, but you choose it, not me.

A cheap trick is to use your stuns to get you and your pet to flank him. He will only bounce back and forth as both of you pummel him.

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